Unique Artwork just for You


NRPT works an artist in the Richmond Area that does beautiful - hand painted art work for Walls, Ceilings, Tiles, Floors, Furniture & More. This Unique service customizes every project to your own personal taste.

Let's say you have a picture of something that you really love and decided you wanted it to be painted on something - a wall, ceiling, tiles, floors or a furniture piece, this associate can draw, create and paint just for you. This can be done from photos, pictures, magazines, books and more. Natalea Rheas' Personal Touch is pleased to provide this service to our Clients.

The artist that has been doing this for several years and has a large portfolio for you to view. The Artist's name is Kimberly Carroll. Below are some examples: 

Garden Mural
Painted Tile Splash
Beach Mural for Spinnakers CC
Beach Mural 2 at Spinnakers CC
Dining Room Mural 2
Dining Room Mural 1
Humpty Dumpty Nursery
Fairy Tale Nursery
Mallard Duck Mural
Prized Sword Fish
Girls on the Beach
A Hunting Mural
The Jungle Mural
Range Hood Art
Range Mural
Tropical Arch Mural
Train Mural
Niche Vase Mural
Villa Mural
Slogan Murals
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