NRPT's Pricing & Payment Structure

NRPT has competitive pricing and usually less than others for cabinetry that is of equal or better quality. Also, the old motto, "You get what you pay for" is all so true. Quality, integrity, reputation and service mean everything.

NRPT sells several manufacturers’ cabinet lines as listed on the Home page. Cabinetry pricing varies from company to company. The contractor lines offer less and are limited in sizes and colors. Therefore, those lines are less expensive, plus there are construction differences between all of the lines, which also impact pricing. Rule of thumb, the better the construction and the more custom features that are offered, the more expensive the cabinetry.  The custom lines will be most expensive, than the semi-custom & contractor lines.

A design fee is charged for services and are outlined on the process page. This fee is refunded/deducted off the purchase price of an installed project. If you have drawings & a cabinet list pricing is free. Modifications to this layout, there will be a design charge.

Major credit cards: (3.5% processing fee is required, as NRPT is charged this fee)

  • VISA
  • Master Card

NRPT does not require the cabinetry project to be paid for in full at time of sale as do other large retailers. Our payment policy for cash and credit card purchases is as follows:

Cabinetry Products & Materials:

  • 100% at the time of order

Granite Purchases:

  • 100% at the time of purchase OR
  • 80% at the time of purchase
  • 20% upon install

Cabinet Installation payment Schedule

  • 70% to begin the Tearout/Install process 
  • 20% upon installation
  • 10% Punch completion & inspection


Full Remodel Projects which may include cabinetry:

  • Client purchases materials
  • Payments made in full upon completion of each itemized service


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