NRPT designs are customized just for you. Bringing your dreams into reality.  Whether it is New Construction, Remodeling, Renovations or an Addition, NRPT can make it functional, unique, elegant, gorgeous, spacious, decorative, beautiful and tastefully timeless.  The Possibilities are absolutely unlimited!
What ever your tastes may be, we can help you create a room that is totally you. Do you like French provential?  Do prefer a true taste of Country living or a Rustic atmosphere?  Are you more traditional, formal or do you like contemporary European styles?
     Alot of people like two-toned accents in their rooms to show variations and color.  Focal points are created by "stacking" or "castling" to draw the eye.  Chimney effects in the cooking area of  a kitchen creates a warm central focal point.  This can also be created by "bumping" out central areas and/or creating "cafe" valances to highlight the sink area or windows.
    Having a beautiful kitchen to show is wonderful, BUT, it must also be functional, practical and have a good work zone.  It must fit you and your lifestyle.  Are you right handed? Left handed?  How many people are cooking in your kitchen at one time?  These are things you must consider. 
    Cabinetry and Furniture for all rooms can be designed to fit you in every way, shape or form.  Studies, Libraries, Offices, Dressing areas, Closets, Bathrooms, Great rooms, Recreation, Bedrooms, Laundry, Window seats, etc.  All can be designed for you. 
NRPT designs cannot be copied nor duplicated without the expressed written permission.




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